SLICE Awards

University Operations employees stand out as a group committed to a special set of values:


We value the act of making a contribution through improving customer service and satisfaction, and through fulfilling our promise to this community.


We encourage leading by example through the use of best practices, acting with integrity, upholding ethics, promoting diversity in the workforce, and fostering collaboration, communication and cooperation among coworkers.


We believe in promoting change for the good of our employees and the university, and we value constantly striving for improvement of work processes and systems.


We value putting forth new ideas, implementing unique concepts and developing new, creative approaches to workplace challenges.


We think everyone should strive to perform at a level above and beyond normal job duties.

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2015 Winners

Congratulations to our 2015 SLICE Award winners and thanks to everyone who participated in the nomination process! Read excerpts from their nominations below.


photo of Beth Woods

Beth Woods

Campus Safety & Security

“Beth Woods sets the bar for qualities in the SLICE Award. This portfolio is focused on service, and Beth is the shining light when it comes to providing Campus Safety and Security service.”

photo of Carlton Brand

Carlton Brand

Parking & Transportation Services

“Carlton is dedicated to excellence and customer service. His open communication with the garages team and beyond and his dedication to being informed of all events happening on campus make him an ideal leader. His innovation comes into play when there is no easy or pre-determined way of dealing with a situation. In these cases, he will always find a way to solve a problem. If he doesn't have an answer to a question, he will find it.”

photo of Francis Bohn

Francis Bohn

Project Management & Construction Services

“Francis' efforts to manage and assist with the development of this contracting database as well as his efforts to develop a portal using SharePoint for the technical review program are both worthy of the SLICE Award in that both demonstrate excellence and teamwork values in the forms of: listening to clients' needs, collaborating with others to develop solutions, and ultimately developing and providing training for staff in order that they may use these types of systems.”

photo of Guyanne Crump

Guyanne Crump

Parking & Transportation Services

“She provides terrific customer service every day to all our customers and is a large reason why our business has expanded with outside agencies. They know they will get prompt, friendly, service every time.”

photo of Jeremy Hernandez

Jeremy Hernandez

Parking & Transportation Services

“There is just not one outstanding action that Jeremy performed over the past year. Every day he comes to work and does an outstanding job.”

photo of Juliana Murphy

Juliana Murphy

Technology Resources

“Julie constantly strives for our team's success. She also always strives to bring trust amongst our team members. She makes sure the opinions of all members are included, and shows her appreciation of others, and encourages the respect of every team member and makes everyone feel comfortable.”

photo of Roy Mack

Roy Mack

Facilities Services

“Mr. Mack deserves the SLICE Award because of his conviction in standing with the customer. Because of his lead-by-example attitude, i believe that receiving the SLICE Award would inspire other people within his department to follow his lead. He truly embodies the SLICE values on a daily basis!”