SLICE Awards

University Operations employees stand out as a group committed to a special set of values:


We value the act of making a contribution through improving customer service and satisfaction, and through fulfilling our promise to this community.


We encourage leading by example through the use of best practices, acting with integrity, upholding ethics, promoting diversity in the workforce, and fostering collaboration, communication and cooperation among coworkers.


We believe in promoting change for the good of our employees and the university, and we value constantly striving for improvement of work processes and systems.


We value putting forth new ideas, implementing unique concepts and developing new, creative approaches to workplace challenges.


We think everyone should strive to perform at a level above and beyond normal job duties.

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2012 Winners

Congratulations to our 2012 SLICE Award winners and thanks to everyone who participated in the nomination process! Read excerpts from their nominations below.


photo of Linsay Duett

Linsey Duett

Parking and Transportation Services

“Linsey and her staff regulate the 15,787 parking spaces for the 70,000 plus demands made on it every day. She also coordinates all construction parking requirements and laydown zones on campus. She coordinates the special event parking demands with PTS Enforcement and UTPD to run a smooth operation. Everything on the UT campus begins and ends with parking and this all happens with a UT parking permit or (other) permit with Linsey’s signature on it.”

photo of Laura Facundo

Laura Facundo

Facilities Services

“While custodial services works to provide services to the whole of campus, Ms. Facundo is the first employee I’ve witnessed trying to provide services and create news and creative opportunities for the employees of this department. She goes above and beyond to recognize her employees who participate in events like Custodial Olympics, the Bake-Off, or Safety Fair . . . (Ms. Facundo) seeks out opportunities to involve workers in UT community events and to help present a positive image of the department to the academic community.”

photo of Claire Moore

Claire moore

Human Resources

“Claire has made huge strides in implementing tangible health and well-being initiatives to kick-start our new campus wellness program. This alone is a great accomplishment, but to have done all of this work without an accompanying budget is just one reason these actions are worthy of receiving a SLICE award. (Because of her efforts) the University’s comprehensive, public health focused wellness program has been recognized in the community as evidenced by the 2012 Austin Business Journal Healthiest Employer Award (3rd place) and the Mayor’s Health Employer Certification in June 2012.”

photo of Susanna Olivarez

Susanna Olivarez

The University of Texas at Austin Police Department

“When Susanna first got here she would take the minutes at meetings and then send them to me with very complete information. It was hard for me to understand how she understood police jargon, acronyms and topics . . . She basically was doing research after the meetings to get the information out in a way officers are used to reading it. Susanna is a natural leader, motivator, doer, change agent and always has that contagious attitude with a smile that has obviously spread to others in the department. She excels at all the values listed for this award.”

photo of Kenneth Rhinehart

Kenneth Rhinehart

Project Management and Construction Services

“Kenny is not only an outstanding craftsman, but an outstanding employee. He is well respected by his peers, supervisors, and most importantly by the clients that have had items made by him. On work orders, he is asked for by name. His quiet demeanor and respectful nature make him a person that others can emulate . . . The fact that the shop has an outstanding record of craftsmanship is a credit to people like Kenny.”