SLICE Awards

University Operations employees stand out as a group committed to a special set of values:


We value the act of making a contribution through improving customer service and satisfaction, and through fulfilling our promise to this community.


We encourage leading by example through the use of best practices, acting with integrity, upholding ethics, promoting diversity in the workforce, and fostering collaboration, communication and cooperation among coworkers.


We believe in promoting change for the good of our employees and the university, and we value constantly striving for improvement of work processes and systems.


We value putting forth new ideas, implementing unique concepts and developing new, creative approaches to workplace challenges.


We think everyone should strive to perform at a level above and beyond normal job duties.

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2011 Winners

Congratulations to our 2011 SLICE Award winners and thanks to everyone who participated in the nomination process! Read excerpts from their nominations below.

photo of Armando Blanco

Armando Blanco

Supervisor, Project Management and Construction Services

“An example of leadership: Armando took a “big picture” approach, assessing the new workspace, the function and frequency of use of all tools and equipment, and the workflow and safety issues involved. He saw tremendous opportunities in the two teams working together in a shared workspace. Key to the success of the merger would be cross-training—not only would it keep workflow and productivity steady, but it would allow each employee to gain new skills and respect for the tools, equipment and work process involved in all tasks. Every step of the way, Armando communicated his thoughts to his employees on what he wanted to see happen. He stayed open to suggestions and was respectful of everyone’s feelings. With his super-charged, can-do attitude, he rallied his employees and got them engaged — everyone felt involved in the process and vested in the outcome. His approach resulted in a seamless blending of the two shops.”

photo of Alice Clayton

Alice Clayton

Administrative Assistant, Facilities Services

“The category that stands out the most for Alice is excellence. She strives to go above and beyond for those of us in the shop whenever we need assistance with a problem. What we would like to point out is how she has helped us in the shop develop a safety program. In the last couple of years, she has helped get many things in place to make the working environment both in the shop and on campus a safer place for everyone.”


photo of Wanda Davis-Watkins

Wanda Davis-Watkins

Infant Lead Teacher, UT Child Development Center

“Wanda is an outstanding teacher and wonderful person to work with. For the past three years I have been honored to work in and out of her classroom. She is always welcoming and takes on tasks with grace. Wanda has had three different assistants since I have been at the center, and I witnessed her treat them with respect and in between assistants, give extra care and attention to her students. Wanda is also part of the improvement committee here, working during a lunch break to help create new ways to improve UTCDC. She is loved by her students, co-workers and best of all the parents of her infants.”

photo of Blanca Juarez

Blanca Juarez

Manager, Alternative Transportation Services, Parking and Transportation Services

“She spearheads several groups, has been published, is a mentor to other young ladies, that if you apply yourself, you can be whatever you wish to be. Something else that I love about her quality is she's never too involved to not ask your opinion. She approaches tasks with an open mind and listens just as well as she presents.”


photo of Carin Peterson

Carin Peterson

Safety Specialist II, Environmental Health and Safety

“Carin once responded to a call where a snake was trapped on the paper tray of a printer in an office building on campus. She successfully moved the printer out of the office and opened the paper tray releasing the snake without harming it or anyone in the office. Totally courageous in my book!”