SLICE Awards

University Operations employees stand out as a group committed to a special set of values:


We value the act of making a contribution through improving customer service and satisfaction, and through fulfilling our promise to this community.


We encourage leading by example through the use of best practices, acting with integrity, upholding ethics, promoting diversity in the workforce, and fostering collaboration, communication and cooperation among coworkers.


We believe in promoting change for the good of our employees and the university, and we value constantly striving for improvement of work processes and systems.


We value putting forth new ideas, implementing unique concepts and developing new, creative approaches to workplace challenges.


We think everyone should strive to perform at a level above and beyond normal job duties.

View past winners:

2005 Winners

Shannon Hanney

Shannon Hanney

Construction Inspector, Project Managment and Construction Services (formerly Physical Plant)

"Hard worker"

"Sacrifices personal life for the success of projects"

"Detailed project coordination"

"Dedicated employee"

"Exceptional ability to communicate both verbally and written"

"Provides valuable input towards commitment to improved and more customer-friendly delivery of projects"

Mark Kenyon

Mark Kenyon

Contract Specialist, Custodial Services

"Mark chairs the quality council to respond to client concerns and requirements. Each month he facilitates a fact-to-face vendor to client forum to review metrics and resolve issues before they evolve to problems. Since the implementation of this effort, client complaints have decreased from one or more per day to less than 10 per month."

"Mark willingly assumes full responsibility and accountability for the day shift operations."

"Last summer Mark revised the existing custodial services contract with University Health Services to better accommodate the clients needs."

"His innovation has allowed custodial services to remove the “fog” commonly associated with determining actual costs of services delivered. He reduced the cost to the client (UHS) by more than $50,000 per year."

Kimberly Mosqueda

Kimberly Mosqueda

Dispatch, University Police

"She is very courteous and friendly and willing to help in anyway she can. Kim is in a unique position that callers are usually asking for assistance from our department and I am very confident that Kim is usually our first contact with the public."

"Kim has built a tremendous amount of trust and respect in her position. There is no one that knows more about communications. . . Leadership is not defined by a position; it is defined by a person’s earned respect and Kim has earned the respect of all employees of all levels and ranks."

"She has been involved throughout the entire process (Computer Automated Dispatch) from the idea, choosing the right software, the configuration, and the training of others in the use. This is a huge improvement and change from our normal operations. Kim has embraced this change and her positive approach has made the change very successful."

"Kimberly Mosqueda has worked for UTPD for approximately nine years. She is an excellent employee and sustains a level of performance that is well above all other communications operators."

Mark Smyth

Mark Smyth

Admin. Associate, PTS

"His outgoing personality and genuine easy demeanor make it easy for him to work customers through difficult situations."

"He is the first one to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. He leads by example."

"He uses his desire to service the customer as his spring board for creating new and better methods to complete his job."

"Mark asks challenging questions and draws out the best in his co-workers. He is very good at creating and maintaining a positive work atmosphere."

"Mark is the kind of employee who would rather not garner the kudos from his co-workers, because he is just “doing his job,” but that is exactly the reason he should win this award."

Abraham Vasquez

Abraham Vasquez

Guard Supervisor, PTS

"Abe’s tireless efforts during the long and exhausting hours of event management aids the department and its abilities to serve the customers."

"Abe understands how to motivate his employees. I have personally observed his subordinates respond enthusiastically to his directions, even after long and hard hours of work."

"Abe has a thankless job, one that is often met with angry and unhappy customers. He handles himself and represents the department with professionalism. Abe deserves the recognition of this award."

Alton Watson

Alton Watson

Construction Inspector, Project Management and Construction Services (formerly Physical Plant)

"Provides exceptional service"

"Meets deadlines and sticks to cost parameters"

"Properly staffs projects "

"Improved processes for excellence in project delivery"

"A great thinker and problem solver"

"He leads by example, and doesn’t expect his crew to do anything he wouldn’t do himself"

"He shares accolades with his crew to build morale"

"Seasoned construction inspector"

"Committed to quality project delivery and customer satisfaction"

"A confident leader"