SLICE Awards

University Operations employees stand out as a group committed to a special set of values:


We value the act of making a contribution through improving customer service and satisfaction, and through fulfilling our promise to this community.


We encourage leading by example through the use of best practices, acting with integrity, upholding ethics, promoting diversity in the workforce, and fostering collaboration, communication and cooperation among coworkers.


We believe in promoting change for the good of our employees and the university, and we value constantly striving for improvement of work processes and systems.


We value putting forth new ideas, implementing unique concepts and developing new, creative approaches to workplace challenges.


We think everyone should strive to perform at a level above and beyond normal job duties.

View past winners:

2004 Winners

Molly Anderson

Molly Anderson

Conference Manager, Commons Conference Center

“Molly Anderson has put the Conference Center on the map by providing outstanding customer service to event planners, facilitators and attendees from all over the US.”

“ In her tenure as a Conference Coordinator at the Commons Center, she’s been an integral factor in its transformation from an average, break-even facility to a thriving, financially viable service that garners rave reviews from their University and state customers.”

“On a daily basis, Molly exhibits outstanding leadership, provides superior service and demonstrates excellence in her daily tasks . . . she has set a high standard of customer service and care. She responds immediately and enthusiastically to customer’s requests. She shows great flexibility and will do what she can to accommodate one of our guests.”

Jennifer Atherton

Jennifer Atherton

Training Coordinator, Physical Plant

“When she arrived in Physical Plant several years ago, there was no training program, so she started from scratch to put one together. Now we have a comprehensive training program that spans all levels of the organization . . . Her contributions to the furtherment of Physical Plant’s capabilities and reputation around campus will be felt for years to come.”

“ Wherever she is needed, she will be. Even if she has a million things going on. Jennifer is on of those employees, co-workers, bosses that we wish we had hundreds of.”

Gloria Collins

Gloria Collins

Administrative Assistant, Parking and Transportation Services

“Gloria provides exceptional customer service in both an indirect and a direct manner to visitors, students, employees, and co-workers of the University . . . (she) is an extremely creative and talented employee. Many of the graphics on the (PTS) brochures are completely created by her from scratch from ideas or requests sent to her. Before she was hired, the PTS department only had three brochures. We now have over 10 . . . Many of these were created by Gloria’s initiative to offer more resources to the University community.”

“ Gloria (also) supports her co-workers by staffing one of the garage offices so that the employees of that garage can go to lunch meetings, training, or doctor appointments.”

“ Gloria Collins is an extremely valuable asset to the University of Texas.”

James Daniels

James Daniels

Graphic Sign Technician, Physical Plant

"James Daniels continually gives our clients first class service. He goes out of his way to insure that clients get the best product and service that this shop can offer. James will sometimes stay late without reimbursement or work through a break or lunch to provide service to clients for the client’s convenience."

" Integrity is what guides James on his daily quest for excellence. Several times there have been instances where he could have let a sub par product go and be installed, but he can be trusted to always deliver a first class product to customers."

"One noteworthy achievement of his is that when he started in the Sign Shop 9 years ago, he had no computer skills whatsoever. Over the years he has gone out of his way to not only learn basic functions of the computer, but he can use any and all sign design software with ease, regularly designing and fabricating basic to mid level difficulty signage."

"I have seen nothing but first class work and effort on the part of James Daniels."

Rich Franks

Rich Franks

Instrumentation & Controls Technician II, Physical Plant

"Mr. Franks services affect a great number of University employees in relationship to the environment and life safety . . . Mr. Franks has the abilitly to break down very complex building control/life safety system projects into manageable tasks to correct long standing problems which some of our buildings have. Through his knowledge, research, relationships and communication skills, he has assured the environment in which our clients work are maintained to and exceptional level . . .Clients now seek out Mr. Franks for advice and support for their projects which relate to (environmental) controls."

"Rich has made a lot of improvements to PRC . . . He redesigned the pneumatic controls for air condition in buildings 137 and MCC. The trouble calls in these buildings are down by approximately 90%."

"Rich is a super person and employee. Physical Plant is very fortunate to have Rich as an employee."

Kenneth Hays

Kenneth Hays

Construction Inspector, Physical Plant

"(Kenneth) is directly responsible for the design and execution of several high visibility campus projects, including the new crosswalk signals across Speedway at SWG and the addition of eight emergency call boxes across the campus . . . (He) provided comprehensive design of numerous office and laboratory projects . . . always providing timely communications to ensure clients were informed on the status of their projects . . . In a recent email, Don Atieschoufsky, Shop Manager for the Department of Mechanical Engineering, recognized Kenneth by saying he is ‘unquestionably the best at providing timely information and follow ups. I always know where a project stands with Kenneth."

"Kenneth provides customer service in a way that is a model for others of us to follow. He truly enhances the reputation of Physical Plant every day."

Dai Lien

Dai Lien

Food Service Unit Manager, Campus Club

"Dai’s ability to execute multiple complex menus to suit a variety of functions in a given day is truly amazing. With a limited staff and a very small kitchen, Dai consistently performs in a magical and elegant manner. Dai has introduced innovative ideas such as partnering with the Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy and establishing an ‘externship’ program. The Campus Club benefits by not only giving back to the community but also by having students who are focused and dedicated at a reduced labor rate."

"Several years ago he was asked to take over the kitchens at Pickle Research Center Commons Café and at MCC. He completely overhauled these facilities while still maintaining the quality at the Campus Club. . . Dai is one of the hardest working people I have ever known and one of the humblest of us all. He is constantly creating new and innovative dishes for people to enjoy. He’s a super nice guy and I don’t know what we would do without him. We are so very lucky to have him."

William Pieper

William Pieper

Police Officer, University Police

"Over the past year, Officer Pieper has become the primary Crime Prevention Officer for the University of Texas at Austin Police Department. (During that time he) increased ‘Campus Watch’ subscribers by more that 30% . . . Through the ‘Campus Watch,’ Ofc. Pieper was able to alert subscribers about an external device mounted to ATMs which could scan magnetic strips. The information crossed the internet giving the UTPD website close to a MILLION hits."

"He has worked with student government to increase the number of Police Help boxes around campus . . . and to determine the feasibility of a key chain fob personal alarm system. He has also been instrumental in expanding the Orange Santa Program. In 2003 he helped organize a raffle which helped raise enough money for over 60 children’s bikes which were donated to less fortunate families within the UT community. Ofc. Pieper has been instrumental in the aggressive goal of raising enough money purchase 100 bikes for Orange Santa 2004. He organized and presented an anti-drug puppet show for the University of Texas Charter school and married student housing . . . and filmed a commercial for the Rape Aggression Defense program."

"Officer Pieper’s dedication to the University of Texas Police Department’s Crime Prevention Program has continued to enhance the program and services to the University community.”

Monica Scamardo

Monica Scamardo

Psychologist III, Employee Assistance Program

"Monica provides unparalleled service to our EAP clients she receives the highest ratings possible on our client satisfaction survey and on her workshop evaluations."

"Every one of our staff is delighted whenever they have an opportunity to work closely with her . . . innovation and creativity are two of Monica’s particular strengths. She was concerned about the availability of EAP services for University employees located at MCC, PRC, and Lake Austin, and has developed special Brown Bag presentations on-site for them."

"She took the lead in working with departments experiencing layoffs, and works closely with managers and HR reps to aid communication during difficult times. As a result of this particular experience, she has developed a workshop for managers on improving workplace morale, and is in the process with another EAP staff member of planning a support group for new managers. Monica doesn’t expect awards. She has high standards for herself and she meets those standards without fanfare. She is altogether deserving of this special employee award."