We are proud of our award-winning services and dedicated staff members. You can meet some amazing members of the University Operations team by reading about our SLICE Award winners, or you can learn more about our organization through viewing our recent awards and recognitions listed below.

2015 - Document Solutions

Document Solutions won the 2015 IMPA Print Center of the Year award

2006-2014 - Document Solutions

Document Solutions has won gold, silver, and bronze In-Print Awards for their printing and copying services every year from 2006 to 2014.

2013 - Document Solutions

Document Solutions won the 2013 IMPA Mail Center of the Year award.

2009 - Facilities Services and PMCS

APPA (Association of Physical Plant Administrators) presented an Effective & Innovative Practices Award to The University of Texas at Austin at the annual APPA conference in July 2009. APPA honored the university for the Facilities Services and Project Management and Construction Services SITES and On the Spot Employee Recognition programs.

2009 - Parking & Transportation Services

Bob Harkins, associate vice president for Campus Safety and Security, was named Parking Professional of the Year by the International Parking Institute in 2009.

2009 - Utilities and Energy Management

Juan Ontiveros, executive director of Utilities and Energy Management, was appointed to a National Research Council committee in 2009, and currently serves with eight other experts from across the country developing a safety-and-energy-efficiency plan for D.C.’s Capitol Power Plant.

2009 - Longhorn Aquatics

Longhorn Aquatics received the 2009 Club Excellence Title for the sixth consecutive year as the nation’s best swim club that supports USA Swimming.