University Operations Facts

University Operations supports the university community with services from construction to counseling, and childcare to utilities. Following are some facts about the University Operations portfolio:

  • Pat Clubb, Ph.D., has served as vice president for University Operations since the inception of the office in June 2000.
  • We have about 2000 employees.
  • We have five associate vice presidents who oversee a diverse array of service units.
  • We enrich the university with conference facilities at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center and Commons Learning Center on the J.J. Pickle Research Campus. The AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center creates special events programs designed to partner with and engage our campus community as well as provide faculty and staff with their own lunchtime dining facility in the Carillon.
  • Our Campus Real Estate department handles 118 leases, 5.7 million square feet of space with revenues of $4.4 million annually.
  • Our Child Development Centers and their award-winning staff members are renowned for the services they provide to our faculty, staff and students.
  • We produce our own energy and operate the largest combined heat and power plant of any university in the nation.
  • Our Environmental Health and Safety employees support more than 1,000 research laboratories on the main campus and at other locations, such as the J.J. Pickle Research Campus and the Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas.
  • Our Environmental Health and Safety department provides safety training to faculty, staff and students while supporting environmental initiatives across campus.
  • Our Fire Prevention Services team has completed $100 million in fire life safety specific projects since 2000.
  • Thanks to Fire Prevention Services, we’ve taken safety precautions to make the university one of only two Texas universities with all campus residence halls 100 percent sprinkler protected.
  • Our Human Resource Services office supports more than 24,408 university employees including faculty, staff and students with employee relations, conflict management, employee assistance, occupational health, staffing, compensation, and employee benefits.
  • Our police ensure safety and security on the main campus, the J.J. Pickle Research Campus, the Brackenridge Tract, the Paisano Ranch, the Bee Caves Research Center, the Wildflower Center, the Charter School, UTA and Dell Medical.
  • Our swimming and diving pools, considered some of the fastest pools in the world, setting 100s of school, state, national, and world records.
  • Longhorn Aquatics has served the Austin and UT communities for over 40 years and has produced 36 Olympians, 60 Olympic medals, 30 World Champions, and over 50 National Champions.
  • We facilitate parking and transportation for more than 70,000 faculty, students, staff, and visitors who commute daily to our campuses.
  • Parking and Transportation Services oversees and facilitates nine parking garages, approximately 16,000 total parking spaces, approximately 1200 carpool members, car share through 11 campus located Zip Cars, over 8000 registered bikes, and facilitates over 7 million bus transportation trips for the entire campus community annually.
  • We maintain and frequently renovate about 19 million gross square feet of building space, serving the main campus, J.J. Pickle Research Campus, Brackenridge Tract, Montopolis Research Center, and several other specialized sites.
  • Utilities and Energy Management oversees the operation of 284 elevators, 70 escalators, 120 building power substations, and 170,000 linear feet of electrical duct banks.
  • Our Document Solutions has 10 consecutive years of recognition in awards by In-Print, and they contribute to the university’s sustainability efforts by recycling 164 tons of paper as well as 3,603 pounds of aluminum.